Laravel Valet 3.0 became available.


Laravel Valet is a fast and minimalistic Laravel development environment. It allows to always run Nginx in the background and proxies all the requests from the *.test domain to the sites deployed on the local machine. This week Laravel Valet was upgraded to major version - 3.0.

The new version allows launching multiple versions of PHP side-by-side. The current project can be isolated using a command valet isolate php@7.2. Also, it is possible to isolate a site by name. For example valet isolate php@8.1 --site=testsite. The command will also install the required PHP version if it is unavailable in your system.

 Also, soon after the update of Laravel Valet, PHP Monitor 5.2 was released. This release implemented compatibility with Valet 3.0, improving the management process of the isolated PHP versions.

The new version of the Laravel Valet can be installed using Composer. Run the following command: composer global require "laravel/valet:^3.0". After that - proceed to installation: valet install.