Services We Offer

Ecommerce Software Solutions

With over 40 developers on our team, we can perform the following tasks:

- develop new product features; 

- optimize performance; 

- integrate with third-party solutions;

- provide extension updates; 

- quality checks; 

- troubleshooting; 

- bug fixing; 

- security patches installation;

and much more.

Custom Development

Nowadays, there are lots of different software solutions to help you reach your goals. But still, it might happen that none of them fully satisfies your needs. We can help you. We cover everything:

- project specification;

- design development;

- programming;

- testing;

- bug fixing;

- project maintenance. 

You will get the solution that exactly helps you achieve the desired target.

IT consulting

We can help you review different technology strategies, evaluate needed resources, and plan the further development of your IT product so that you can choose the most efficient way for further growth. Our IT consulting team will conduct a deep analysis of your:

- business needs;

- website;

- software.

And will provide you with suggestions for:

- required changes;

- integration of existing third-party apps;

- or newly developed software needed to fulfill your goals.

Dedicated Team

We enhance your team with dedicated developers according to your requirements. Your clients can now navigate radical technology shifts and outperform the competition with your upgraded help. At the same time, we can help you to:

- cover all the IT talent gaps;

- reduce the development time of your product;

- optimize the development cost;

- get better control over the team management.


Agata Darnell

I would recommend Zest Logic to anyone. They work hard to provide outstanding support, and the experience is second to none.

Zest Logic can give us the tools and platforms to achieve our goals. But it takes a team to deliver the best results. Thanks so much, Zest Logic, for all you have done for us. I can entirely focus on our business for the rest of the ...

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Martin Gismondi

I just wanted to say thanks again for your support last week and all you’ve done for us over the last few years! It is greatly appreciated, particularly when it comes at such short notice as it did last Friday! The team has worked hard to produce the best possible results for our customers, and we were delighted to have the project completed on time – so well do...

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Valeria Willoughby

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You guys really made a difference in making my site look professional and polished, which is precisely what I wanted! We have been delighted with the web design and development work that Zest Logic has provided us over the last year or so, and we continue to recommend their services to others in the business community! Plus, I ha...

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Gerry Witherspoon

The Zest Logic team is highly responsive and accommodates my busy schedule with even the most hectic projects. My referrals of friends and associates from previous projects have also had the same great experience.

I can't recommend them highly enough.

They were a pleasure to work with and worked very hard to get my website up and running within my ti...

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Leonardo Boothman

Their team is fantastic! They are always quick to respond when I reach them, and they get back to me promptly if they need more information or ask me some questions about what I'm trying to accomplish on my site.

Vito Pinho

I would like to thank you for your excellent work on the website I created for my company and also for the services that you offer at Zest Logic, especially during the past year when we were having many technical issues related to the hosting of our website and blog, which were solved in a highly professional way and without any damage to the site content or oth...

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Nela Bouvier

We are thrilled with Zest Logic's support as we continue to grow and expand across our enterprise customer base! They have helped us solve some really complex issues in a highly efficient way while providing a solid return on investment for our business. I can't say enough about Zest Logic's commitment to keeping our website up and running - they make it easy an...

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Isiah Giménez

Zest Logic’s team was extremely responsive to our needs when we were faced with a complex problem and needed immediate help from the best experts available in the industry today – The Zest Logic Team went above and beyond what was expected of them by delivering a solution for our company’s needs on time and within budget – They are indeed an amazing team!

Jacob Martelli

We have been working with Zest Logic for over one year. They have been an excellent partner in helping us grow our business with the latest technologies. We are very happy with their approach towards quality and time frame of deliveries and solutions provided at a reasonable cost and within our budget constraints too! We appreciate their effort and support and l...

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