PayPal usage in the world


In November 2021, ecommerceDB ran an analysis of 43 countries around the globe and reviewed the payment methods offered by the top hundred of the online stores by the net sales in each one. One of the review targets was to find how popular PayPal is.

The top five countries by the share of the online stores which use PayPal are:

  • Italy - 93%;
  • Australia - 92%;
  • Germany - 88%;
  • Spain - 86%;
  • Austria - 86%.

As for other countries, PayPal is widely used in most Western European countries and the United States of America. At the same time, Eastern European countries and South Africa tend to be lower in the list.

From the other side the five countries where PayPal is the least used:

  • Colombia - 5%;
  • Vietnam - 5%;
  • South Korea - 5%;
  • Argentina - 3%
  • Serbia - 1%.

Still, only 12 of the countries included in the analysis have less than a 10% share of the stores supporting PayPal, and it is still a good result. For example, AmazonPay, another international giant, has more than a 10% share only in two analyzed countries. The leading one is Japan, with 23%