BigCommerce introduces Open Beta for GraphQL Cart & Checkout

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BigCommerce introduces Open Beta for GraphQL Cart & Checkout

BigCommerce has exciting news for developers and storefront enthusiasts: the introduction of Cart and Checkout functionality to their Storefront GraphQL API, now available in Open Beta. This significant update aims to enhance the shopping experience for both developers and end-users.

This enhancement was developed in response to the BigCommerce developer community's requests, particularly those involved in creating headless storefronts. These developers sought more robust GraphQL API coverage and simplified workflows for their storefront implementations. With Cart and Checkout added to the GraphQL API, developers can now access cart details and other storefront information more efficiently, reducing the need for multiple calls to build a seamless shopper experience.

The GraphQL Storefront API provides the same level of access to cart and checkout objects as the REST Storefront API. This access, combined with related data, simplifies the creation of headless storefront applications. Developers can leverage GraphQL on the frontend to craft a frictionless, end-to-end shopping experience.

Key Features of the Cart and Checkout GraphQL APIs:

  • Cart Management: Easily create a new cart by adding items or adjusting item quantities in an existing cart.
  • Product Interaction: Add or remove products from a cart, including modifying product option selections.
  • Checkout Process: Streamline the checkout process by entering billing and shipping information.
  • Payment Integration: Convert a cart into a pending order ready for payment and seamlessly process payments via the Payments API.

BigCommerce offers a list of example GraphQL mutations and variables to facilitate your development journey, accessible here. These examples serve as valuable starting points for creating your own mutations and queries, and you can test them in the GraphQL playground.

If you're eager to explore these new capabilities, dive into the Open Beta. BigCommerce's commitment to an open approach means this is accessible to anyone within the BigCommerce ecosystem. Detailed implementation instructions and additional information can be found in the GraphQL Cart & Checkout documentation, providing valuable insights to kickstart your project.

As an Open Beta release, BigCommerce welcomes your feedback to refine further and enhance these features. 

In conclusion, BigCommerce's Open Beta for GraphQL Cart & Checkout empowers developers to create more efficient, feature-rich storefronts, ultimately delivering an enhanced shopping experience for customers. Explore these capabilities today and be a part of shaping the future of headless commerce.

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