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zlogicmaster September 13, 2021

Photo by Jaime Lopes on Unsplash The summer is over, but there’s still a lot of exciting events waiting for your attention! We offer you the list of the most interesting eCommerce events that will be held this autumn. A

zlogicmaster September 6, 2021

Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash According to the survey results provided by Digital.com, 54% of people who buy things online make sure to check reviews before any purchase. The results were prepared based on data from 1250 respondents and

zlogicmaster September 2, 2021

Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash Recently Stripe published results of the analysis of the top 800 eCommerce websites performed in such European countries as France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. According to the

zlogicmaster August 23, 2021

Photo by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash The previous year displayed some incredible growth in eCommerce in the US, primarily due to the pandemic. However, according to the figures issued by the U.S. Department of Commerce last week, the growth slowed

zlogicmaster August 19, 2021

Photo by Vladimir Solomianyi on Unsplash Paysafe Group Limited, founded in 1996, one of the world's well-known specialized payments platforms, is expanding its influence. On the 16th of August, they announced that a definitive agreement to acquire

zlogicmaster August 16, 2021

Last week eBay UK announced some changes to eBay Shops allowing to improve the virtual storefronts created by the business account. The update mainly affects the store interface and enables customization of the stores even more than

zlogicmaster August 12, 2021

Photo by Anas Alshanti on Unsplash This week brought us some important updates in one of the most popular eCommerce systems. Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source were updated to version 2.4.3. The release contains more than 370 bug fixes

zlogicmaster August 2, 2021

Photo by Berkeley Communications on Unsplash Maybe everyone needs help sometimes. And that’s the case if you encounter some issues with a plugin or service, so in most cases, you need to contact their support team and

zlogicmaster July 22, 2021

Magento Software lifecycle policy for the latest version was changed compared to earlier ones. It states that quality fixes for a minor release will be provided for 12 months since the next minor software release becomes available

zlogicmaster June 28, 2021

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash Sometimes it may be really useful to have line items recorded in the transaction information. This may simplify your accounting or help you in debugging some issues, so no wonder that