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Zest LogicAdobe unveils the schedule of Adobe Commerce releases in 2022.
zlogicmaster September 30, 2021
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Yesterday Adobe updated the schedule of the planned Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source releases. The information can be found in this table:

Release typeRelease dateVersionsAdobe Commerce beta availabilityAdobe Commerce pre-release availabilityAdobe Commerce and Magento Open Source general availability
Security patch releaseOctober 20212.4.3-p1
28th of September 202112th of October 2021
Feature releaseJanuary 202218th of January 2022
Feature and patch releaseMarch 20222.4.4
October 2021 and further22nd of February 20228th of March 2022
Feature releaseApril 202226th of April 2022
Feature releaseJune 202221st of June 2022
Feature and patch releaseAugust 20222.4.5
26th of July 20229th of August 2022
Feature and security patch releaseOctober 20222.4.5-p127th of September 202211th of October 2022

Also, they notified that 2.3.7-p3 which will be publicly released on the 8th of March 2022, will become the last patch release in the 2.3.x line. The line will reach the End of Life a month later – in April. Also, there will be no full patch release in October 2022. It complies with the update published in the Magento Blog two weeks ago. Adobe will reduce the frequency of the Commerce upgrades from four (as before) to just three – one security patch and two full patches.

Currently, Adobe is going to provide three types of releases: 

  • Patch releases. They are infrequent and include changes to performance, compliance, security. Bugfixes for the most critical issues are included as well.
  • Security patch releases. They should be the easiest to install and contain only changes related to security.
  • Feature releases. The most frequent ones. They contain new features and will be provided as independent services/modules. They also will be updated automatically (unlike the previous two).

Also, Adobe announced that they are going to change their End of Support policy. This was done to improve PCI compliance. Now it should become closer to the PHP one. PHP is a critical component, so the change should make PHP version changes more straightforward for the clients who use Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source.

The End of Support terms according to this policy will be as described below:

VersionGeneral availabilitySupported PHP versionEnd of Support
2.3.7Already available7.4April 2022
2.4.0Already available7.4November 2022
2.4.1Already available7.4November 2022
2.4.2Already available7.4November 2022
2.4.3Already available7.4November 2022
2.4.4March 20228.1November 2024
2.4.5August 20228.1November 2024