Woocommerce 6.3 became available.

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This week WooCommerce 6.3 became publicly available.  This is a minor update of this popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress, and it should not cause any issues since it was developed considering backward compatibility. However, it is still recommended to make a backup of your site before the update since third-party plugins or themes may cause some issues.

The changes implemented in this release are listed below:

  • added two database indices to the attributes lookup table to improve performance for the table queries when they contain a lot of products and attributes;
  • added states for Germany;
  • added ability to configure WcPay tracking settings in WC Tracker;
  • added ability to disable specific cookies using filter woocommerce_set_cookie_enabled;
  • security update - guest sessions can be identified now using prefix;
  • WooCommerce Blocks was updated to 6.9.0. The list of changes is available here;
  • WooCommerce Admin was updated to 3.2.1. The changelog can be found here.

Also, the release contains many bug fixes. The complete list is available here.