The most recognized Laravel certification is not available anymore.

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The most recognized Laravel certification is not available anymore

Taylor Otwell, the creator of Laravel, a popular free and open-source PHP web framework, recently announced that the official certification program is discontinued. 

The certification program started in August 2017. It covered topics such as building apps using the Laravel framework, best practices, PHP knowledge, services, localization, security, Eloquent, etc. Various ecosystem packages and services should have been included in the tests.

Unlike most of the others, the Laravel certificate did not expire. The developer could retain the right to be called a “Certified Laravel Developer”. In addition, the developer could update the received certificate by passing a discounted upgrade process. Also, there were certified companies that employed several certified developers and demonstrated their expertise and knowledge in building applications with Laravel. At the moment of the discontinuation, there were 53 such companies.

However, although the certification was called official, it was performed by a company that doesn’t belong to Laravel. And the reason for the discontinuation was that Taylor Otwell wasn’t delighted by the company's performance recently. And since his goal was to provide the highest quality for all the products or services endorsed by Laravel, the program was terminated.

In addition, Taylor mentioned that this decision doesn’t affect other Laravel certification examinations. So, such programs still exist, and additional ones may be created in the future. 

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