The latest changes to Adobe Commerce support terms

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The latest changes to Adobe Commerce support terms

At the end of January, the Adobe Commerce team announced changes to their support policy and release schedule. The changes were implemented to enhance the system's security and provide more customer benefits.

This is not the first time Adobe has made such changes. For example, a year ago, the company extended the lifetime of 2.3.x to let the customers better prepare for the new version, built exclusively on PHP 8.1. Now, in 2023 the company shifts the software support terms again.

The changes apply to Adobe Commerce 2.4.4 and newer versions. According to the announcement, the changes are caused by understanding how the work of customers managing several websites at once is difficult. So, Adobe is going to provide quality and security patches for three years from the moment the release generally becomes available.

But that’s not the only adjustment applied to the release terms. For example, security patches will be released more often - four times per year (earlier, it was only three times a year). The security patches are also going to be lightweight and easier to apply.

The schedule of the core application patches was affected as well. Adobe is going to provide only one core application patch per year. That should provide the customers more time between the releases, thus decreasing upgrade costs and simplifying update planning and maintenance.

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