Shoppers’ preferences for marketplaces.


A recent survey by marketplace technology provider Mirakl showed that almost two-thirds of shoppers prefer to make purchases on multi-merchant marketplaces. According to the answers from about nine thousand shoppers from nine countries (Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Singapore, Spain, UK, and the USA), the advantages of the marketplaces are following:

  • better prices (chosen by 62% of respondents);
  • better product selection (53%);
  • better delivery options (43%);
  • better shopping experience (43%).

In addition, it looks like the more frequently buyers purchase goods, the more they are inclined to marketplaces. So-called “power shoppers” - people who purchase goods at least once a week are even more inclined to place orders on marketplaces. Almost 75% of power shoppers wish that more of the retailers they like were offering goods at marketplaces.

Also, the retailers are inclined to go the extra mile in fulfilling their needs. According to the survey performed by Digital Commerce 360,  in July-September 2021, around 24% of retailers state that they will expand their presence on more marketplaces.