PWA Studio 12.4 released.

eCommerce software

Progressive Web Apps Studio 12.4 was released by the Adobe Commerce team last week. It is a valuable tool for web marketers since it allows them to manage and create storefront content. The new release received some more features to make work with PWA studio even easier.

Most significant changes were related to the product attributes, such as:

  • added ability to sort products on the product listing page by the attribute value;
  • added product attributes to the Venia sample data;
  • added ability to search products by the attribute values;
  • added dedicated slots for product attributes values rendering on the product detail page;
  • all content layout options available with Page Builder are now available on the product detail page.

Also, the release contains over a dozen fixes and improvements related to different functions of the tool. The detailed list is available in the release notes on GitHub.