New mobile capabilities in Adobe Journey Optimizer.

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Recently Adobe published a list of new features available in Adobe Journey Optimizer - an extension for the Adobe Experience platform that allows you to handle notifications for your mobile apps. The changes were implemented to improve interactions across different channels in real-time.

The key capabilities include:

  • The new drag-and-drop user interface for message designer should simplify the message creation process, making it more intuitive and avoiding the need to involve developers.
  • More personalization - now, in-app messages can be adjusted based on device location, app history, customer profile, etc. This should make the messages more personalized and contextually aware.
  • Unification of the customer profile data from multiple sources. The data will be updated in real-time, taking into account purchases, location, etc.
  • Triggers by location. Now mobile messages can be used to deliver messages based on the customer location, for example - when the customer enters some specific stores.
  • Simplified access to brand-approved content for marketers and other customer-facing teams. Images and videos can be stored in a cloud-based Digital Asset Manager and appropriately resized for every device.
  • Developer tools that inspect web and mobile events, SDK logs, and data exports for easier debugging. The tools also allow simulating real-world conditions to check the app's behavior in different situations.

All the changes should make communications through text messages, push notifications, or in-app messages more engaging and personalized. A wide variety of features should improve communications with the clients.