Magento PWA Studio. Planned features of Venia.

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Magento PWA Studio. Planned features of Venia

In the previous post, where we described some features of Venia, we mentioned that some of the Magento features need to be present in this PWA proof-of-concept. However, the Magento PWA Studio team continues to work on this project, and there are existing coverage plans that describe which features will become available in the upcoming updates.

So, the upcoming releases will include support for more product types that already exist in Magento, such as products with custom options and downloadable, grouped, and bundled products. Planned marketing features include related products block. Catalog management features will include creating backorders and advanced inventory management. One of the future releases may also include the ability to set up stores on separate domains. In addition, customers will be allowed to create reorders and returns.

Some features will only be available on Adobe Commerce, such as B2B stores support and marketing campaign staging and preview.

Also, the Magento PWA Studio team confirmed that some features are currently absent from the roadmap. Such features include creating CMS widgets, adding products to comparison lists, customer reviews on the product pages, and configuring the number of items on the category page and customer account dashboard. It means that customization is required to use them in your projects.

As for Adobe Commerce, missing and unplanned features include reward points, store credits, invitations, and gift registries.