Magento PWA studio overview.

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Magento PWA studio overview

Recently we posted a short overview of Progressive Web Applications (PWA). In this post, we’ll provide some information about Magento PWA Studio - a handy set of tools and libraries that let you create, configure and check your store using PWA. Everything can be done within Magento backend.

Magento PWA Studio was initially built to support Magento versions starting from 2.3. The toolset is updated every three months, so it stays compatible with every new Magento version.

One of the benefits of Magento PWA Studio is that it is not a single piece of code. The code is open and helps track the changes and review how the separate components of the toolset work. The developer who works with it can choose what to take. In addition, it has numerous ready-made components and front-end architecture. All of this can be used and customized. A minor downside is that you need to learn which components already exist to avoid the re-creation of something already available. In addition, PWA Studio is available on GitHub.

The key packages of Magento PWA Studio are PWA Buildpack (includes configuration management tools, setup tools, the extensibility framework, etc.); Peregrine (components to fetch the data from the backend, manage state, and so on); and venia-ui (React components to work with the user interface).