Magento Progressive Web Applications - short technology overview.

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Magento Progressive Web Applications - short technology overview

Today we’d like to talk about the benefits of Magento Progressive Web Applications. This technology uses contemporary technologies and design to improve user experience. The sites built using this technology are prone to be reliable and engaging. 

Greater reliability is achieved due to PWA’s ability to provide users with meaningful content even when the connection is unreliable or absent. The exact autonomy level depends on the app's purposes and implementation. Still, PWAs that have all the data available in local storage do not require an internet connection to re-download any elements, as it happens for usual web pages.

Another feature of PWA is the ability to add its icon to the home screen of a mobile device. It is engaging because customers can easily add an icon to their device's home screen and use it to track orders or make new ones. A merchant, who is building a store using PWA technology, receives their own mobile application.

In addition to the previous point, PWA unites the benefits of both website (single codebase for multiple platforms and ability to be indexed by search engines) and native app (push notifications, fast load time). And at the same time, it is cheaper than creating both a separate app and website.

The technology also has its downsides, for example, limited hardware access (compared to native apps) and the inability to integrate it with other native apps on the phone.

Image Credit: Photo by Hal Gatewood on Unsplash