Google prepares to restrict third-party cookies.


Earlier Google announced their plans to remove third-party cookies from Google Chrome, one of the world’s most used browsers (current share over 60%). According to the information they shared, the removed third-party tracking data will not be replaced with any cross-site tracking technology. Instead, Google is going to implement an interest-based targeting using Google Topics. It will group visitors based on their interests.

The changes will affect the digital advertisements industry. Google Topics do not allow to set targeting based on browsing behavior, conversion attribution, or adjust frequency capping. Thus the changes will affect almost everyone - publishers, advertisers, and internet users.

Future advertisement campaigns will likely be based on different approaches. Possible ways are creating ads based on first-party data, for example, an encrypted identifier, based on account of the logged-in user, but anonymized and regularly updated, to improve security.

Google will implement the update in late 2023, but planning is essential. So if you rely on third-party cookies, you will lose some of your profits. So, finding an alternative way is important.