eBay Shops experience enhanced!


Last week eBay UK announced some changes to eBay Shops allowing to improve the virtual storefronts created by the business account. The update mainly affects the store interface and enables customization of the stores even more than before, even though many purchases on eBay are performed from the search results list.

The update changes the shop editing page allowing to simplify the process. The detailed information about the update can be found here. The seller can add a shop logo, description, billboard, name and configure the list of the featured products.

Categories were also affected by the update. According to eBay information, the new page allows you to see all the categories at once. It should allow decreasing the time to manage the content. The detailed information is available here.

Another important upgrade was applied to the newsletters. Now eBay allows creating specific newsletters to:

  • showcase new products;
  • welcome new subscribers;
  • send notifications about promotions;
  • showcase products based on specific rules, such as most recent, most expensive, cheapest, price range, and so on.

The detailed information about this part is available here.