Commercetools announced its partnership with Google Cloud

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Commercetools announced its partnership with Google Cloud

Commercetools, a cloud-based commerce platform developed by the company with the same name, founded in 2006 and headquartered in Germany, announced the partnership with Google Cloud. The Commercetools platform became available in Google Cloud Marketplace.

The partnership offers several advantages that may be useful for the store owners, such as:

  • Easy integration with Google’s tools: Recommendations AI, Retail Search, and Vision Product Search;
  • Using Google Cloud Functions to add serverless functions into commercetools;
  • Using Events handled by Pub/Sub integrated into commercetools to extend its functionality;
  • Use Apigee with commercetools API and handle other instances, such as third-party or legacy components;
  • Ability to pick up a proper Google Cloud region to decrease latency;
  • Use other components to expand the ecosystem, such as Cloud Storage or Cloud SQL;
  • Advertising goods using product listing.

In addition, commercetools is very suitable for use in the cloud because of its headless architecture. It means that the backend and frontend are connected loosely, and changes on the frontend can be implemented efficiently using pre-build modules, accessible using API. They can be easily connected to the existing system, keeping performance at an acceptable level.

Image Credit: Photo by C Dustin on Unsplash