Adobe published the list of eCommerce trends for 2023

Adobe published the list of eCommerce trends for 2023

At the beginning of November, Adobe Communications Team published a list of the six trends that dominated this year and will stay important for the following year. According to Adobe, following those trends should help your company compete in the market.

Better services powered by AI. Nowadays, AI helps to enhance customer experience by analyzing the data accumulated by your company and providing insights to plan marketing campaigns, review how effective they are, and engage customers.

Brand behavior is essential. Customers value eco-friendliness, so brands that provide valuable sustainability information are recognized by their clients.

Ecommerce personalization also plays its role. Your company has to gather information about the customers’ needs and preferences and act accordingly to increase the customer’s loyalty.

Omnichannel marketing allows us to reach more potential customers. But it is crucial to ensure that you spread consistent messages across all the sources and provide the customers with a consistent experience. The more diverse channels you’re using, the better.

Same-day delivery can be encountered more often. About half of the retailers in the United States of America offer same-day delivery for at least some of their products. This makes products more appealing than those with longer delivery times, even though the latter might be slightly cheaper.

Social media can be used as a commerce platform. Creating a shop using social media tools helps users instantly purchase the product they see in their feeds. So it is worth building a strong presence on social networks.

Image Credit: Photo by Startaê Team on Unsplash