Adobe provides online inflation data.

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Last week Adobe announced a new web portal to provide online inflation data. The data is based on over 1 trillion retail sites visits, over 100 million stock-keeping units, and 18 product categories. The information presented will include Digital Price Index (DPI) and Consumer Price Index (CPI). Currently, DPI is available here, and the data regarding online inflation in February 2022 is available here.

The analysis is developed in collaboration with well-known economists Austan Goolsbee and Pete Klenow. The covered categories are as follows:

  • apparel;
  • appliances;
  • books;
  • computers;
  • flowers/related gifts;
  • furniture/bedding;
  • groceries;
  • home/garden;
  • jewelry;
  • medical equipment/supplies;
  • non-prescription drugs and office supplies;
  • personal care products;
  • pet products;
  • sporting goods;
  • tools/home improvement;
  • toys.

The provided data displays price changes year-over-year and month-over-month in data tables and interactive charts starting from 2014. Earlier, this data was available only for organizations, such as the Federal Reserve, International Monetary fund, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and others, but now the information is available for everyone.