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zlogicmaster April 14, 2022

Photo by Luke Peters on Unsplash The new version of Magento contains significant changes. Many of them break compatibility, so all extensions should be checked. One of the major features is support for PHP 8.1 introduced. Adobe

zlogicmaster April 11, 2022

Photo by Alan W on Unsplash A new white paper released by DHL Express predicts that about 80% of all B2B interactions will be performed in digital space. The company states that the reason is millennials, who

zlogicmaster April 7, 2022

Photo by USGS on Unsplash The online platform Cross-Border Commerce Europe released major research covering the strongest online cross-border sellers at the end of March. The study was performed with the support of FedEx Express, Lengow, and

zlogicmaster April 4, 2022

Photo by Mkhail Palinchak | https://www.facebook.com/mpalinchak At the end of the last week, the Ukrainian army liberated all the territories near Kyiv, previously occupied by the Russian army. The scenes of the Russian crimes shocked the whole

zlogicmaster March 31, 2022

Laravel Valet is a fast and minimalistic Laravel development environment. It allows to always run Nginx in the background and proxies all the requests from the *.test domain to the sites deployed on the local machine. This

zlogicmaster March 28, 2022

Photo by Constantin Wenning on Unsplash Last week Adobe announced the integration of the Adobe Experience Platform with Resolve, the Wunderman Thompson intelligent identity solution for cookieless audience resolution. As we reported earlier, Google is going to

zlogicmaster March 24, 2022

Photo by Hunters Race on Unsplash This week Adobe announced the launch of the Adobe Experience Manager Champion Program. The company picked 18 of the most experienced, passionate, and knowledgeable Adobe Experience Manager users. According to Adobe,

zlogicmaster March 21, 2022

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash The release was rolled out last Friday. According to the changelog from PHP.net, it contains fixes for many issues  - 8 resolved in 8.0.17 and 14 addressed in 8.1.4 (mostly related

zlogicmaster March 17, 2022

Photo by Blake Connally on Unsplash Yesterday Jorgi Boggiano, a co-founder of Packagist, the PHP Package Repository for Composer, announced that Composer 2.3 is ready to be released and requested assistance in testing the new version. He

zlogicmaster March 14, 2022

Photo by Ibrahim Boran on Unsplash Last week Adobe announced a new web portal to provide online inflation data. The data is based on over 1 trillion retail sites visits, over 100 million stock-keeping units, and 18